Walking on the sand, feeling the wind in your hair and your favorite people to your right and left.

Relishing the moments that matter – without the guilt of not working on your business 24/7.

How is it possible?

Because the thing you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into is now set up to bring in the dollars, even when you’re on vacation.

Find the peace deep in your soul that your body’s been begging for. Because you now have access to the tools that create a life that matches the business success you’ve built. As a powerful and driven Entrepreneur and Owner, you know the pressure of maintaining a business that grows and earns.

And you know, better than anyone, the consequences of that kind of life: mental, emotional, and physical stress and even burnout. Not to mention how it draws away from your ability to relax and enjoy the people that mean the world to you.

Patience escapes you when you know you should be centered, grounded and present with the company you’re in (besides the only thing they ever wanted was your affection).

A workout? Well, your mind and your body revolt at the thought of expending the energy needed to make it happen.

And the ability to just be? Well, you know it’s there, if only you could muster it.

No More.

With Divine Liberation, you will:

  • Grow the legacy business your spirit craves and a life that’s relaxed, connected to your inner you, connected to your family and connected to the Divine.
  • Learn to take care of you, your loved ones, and your customers – well.
  • Go out with friends and family when you want and not worry that your business will come crumbling down around you because you the systems and the mindset you need to do both, is in place.

Your business thrives when you’re in it. Decisions are made quickly, easily, effectively. Your customers never have to worry because they know you’re taking care of them.

It feels so good to be ON.

Or it did.

All that “on” time has slowly eaten its way through you.

  • Your energy levels are down, leaving nothing extra for much more than survival mode.
  • Leaving home to go shopping feels like international travel sans the amazing food and being waited on hand and foot.
  • Your mind is everywhere except where it should be when the kids get home from school and they feel that disconnect.
  • Intimacy disappeared from the radar thousands and thousands of dollars in profit ago.
  • Business is blooming. You just wish life was too.


Look into the eyes of your children again to see them, not the work that you’re worried is waiting.

Hold hands again with the one who’s been waiting, supporting you in the background.

Sit back and ENJOY the life you’ve been missing. Like you’re supposed to.

Divine Liberation gives it all back to you.

Connect again. Without losing money or time.

Let your business become one that practically runs itself for you, because gaining profit doesn’t have to slow down if you do.

Over the course of the next 9 months, we will work together to:

  • Analyze where you are in your business growth so we can determine where you need to go next.
  • Analyze the systems that you do and don’t have in place to find the best fit for YOU so that “hands off” becomes a happy frequenter of your business.
  • Discover ways to making running said systems easy, breezy so you have time and money at your fingertips.
  • Make your business sale-able (even if you’re not ready to sell) because that’s when it begins to run on its own (hello romance and a life!).
  • Uncover what’s been keeping you disconnected so you can correct it and not have to dread another day at the office.
  • Break through blocks and wounds that are stopping you from gaining as much from your personal life as you have in your business.
  • Create time and flow in your life so that being with family doesn’t interrupt your business growth and profits.
  • Find the clarity that’s been holding your business back so you can accelerate the growth you’re working for everyday.
  • Liberate yourself from feeling you have to live a ‘this or that’ life, so business and family exist together for you, in a calm, peaceful space.
  • Create a Secession Plan that lays out what needs to be done in your business and when, so your business is ready to go on the market, should you decide to sell (because after this plan? If you were thinking about selling, you JUST might change your mind because now, it runs practically by itself).
  • Create an Operations Manual for your business that will allow it to survive the “Hit by a bus test”…you know…in case anyone in your organization gets hit by a bus, business continues, uninterrupted.

How Divine Liberation Works

For the majority of our time together, we’ll meet via phone, so calls are recorded for your later reference. As part of your custom plan, you will also receive a 1/2-day VIP Session, in person (if at all possible). We’ll schedule that when it’s needed. Our first call is 90-minutes. Then, subsequent calls are 45 minutes 2-3 times a month to:

  • Uncover your business history and your goals so we can set a clear path toward them.
  • Dig up blocks and beliefs that have been keeping you in an imbalance, so we can smash them and move forward with a life that is as full as the business you’ve built.
  • Analyze your current business systems and put ones in place that create harmony and ease in your operation.
  • Discard systems that are disrupting your goal of Divine Liberation.
  • Go over TASKs you’ve been given in the previous call to make sure the plan we’ve put into place is running on time for our goals for your Divine Liberation.
  • Create and build systems that support and move you into a space that FINALLY feels like home – in business and the house.
  • Go over the checklists and NLP training we go through each week to rewire your brain and put tools in your hands to develop the mindset you need to make your life and your business both what you need.
  • Figure out how to handle any employee issues that are currently blocking your business growth, so you can eradicate them. High turnover? Unmotivated staff? We’ve got you covered.
  • Establish NLP and communication techniques that will accelerate your business goals by strengthening your role as a leader in your company.
  • Create an Operations Manual that does the heavy lifting in your business for you, so no matter what happens, your business can run smoothly and practically.
  • Uncover your Mission and Purpose to lay the groundwork for the next big thing that you know is waiting for you (and create the time and money freedom you need to go and DO IT).

Feeling the release of finally exchanging having to be ON 24/7/365 for the sun on your face, the laughter of friends and family, and the peace of mind that your business and it’s newly established systems are still making money – easily, efficiently – and without constant supervision.

No matter where you are in your career (an expert, a manager, an Owner in transition), the goal of your business was and always has been to do what you love and create a life that matches.

Divine Liberation helps you:

  • Stop feeling like your hand has to be on every aspect of your business at all times.
  • Establish systems and processes your employees can get on board with and carry out with or without you.
  • Break barriers that have kept you from living your divine purpose, so that everything you do finally fills the space you’ve been feeling deep in your soul.
  • Set up a team that sees and works your vision WITH you.
  • Create a business that is sale-able, even if your goal is to stay in your business and work it until you can’t because businesses that are sale-able are smooth-running machines that make money, no matter who is at the wheel, giving you the freedom to LIVE on your terms.

You’re an Owner. You’ve put everything you have into creating a powerful and successful business. And now it’s time to take everything – your life and your business – to the next level of evolution.

It’s time to liberate yourself to live your divine purpose, be the owner/ parent/ partner you know you can be, and the one you long to be.

Here’s how we get started: Click the button to book a call with me. We’ll talk about your goals and dreams for your business and life, what some of your obstacles are, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

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